2013-14 SAT Practice Test Score Conversion Tables

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Here are the raw to scaled multiple choice and essay score conversion tables for the 2013-14 Official SAT Practice Test.

In addition to listing the straight conversion tables for the multiple choice sections (the first table), I have also added the raw score point percentages for each scaled score. For instance, to get a scaled score of 600 on the Critical Reading subject for this test, you need 46 raw score points. With 67 total raw score points available on Critical Reading, a raw score of 46 translates into 69% (46/67) of the total points available.

For more on how your raw score is determined for each subject, see here.

Please note:

  • Not all tests use exactly the same scale. Depending on the difficulty of each test, some scaled scores may be slightly higher or lower for the same number of incorrect answers. For more on this, see the discussion in the comments here.

2013-14 SAT score conversion table 2013-14 essay score conversion table

Here is my own score Essay Score Differential table which helps you understand the specific amount each of the various essay scores changes your Writing multiple choice score.

2013-14 essay score differential table


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