December 2012 SAT scores now online

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The College Board releases scores for the December 1, 2012 SAT today.

To access your SAT score report via the College Board website, click here.

If you have problems accessing your scores, contact the College Board directly by clicking here.


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3 Responses to “December 2012 SAT scores now online”
  1. Priyum says:

    What is the optimum age to give SAT in India? Which SAT exams should I give?

    I have just entered class IX. I want to go to the U.S for higher studies after completing school. I’m fourteen years old, is this the right time to write SAT? Should I wait for a couple of months or years? I know there are several SAT exams,which ones do you think I should give? In college, I plan to study Science or Engineering. I don’t have any idea about which SAT papers I need to give and when I should give them. I really need help. Thanks in advance.

    • Hello!
      Warm regards from EGE,
      There are two types of SAT exams known as the SAT Reasoning, and the SAT II, also known as the SAT Subject Tests. The SAT I is required by 99% of American schools and covers Math, Critical Reading, and Writing. The SAT II tests vary with subjects, but the ones that you can appear for are Science and Math. It’s important to note that although the SAT I and the SAT II tests are usually offered at the same test centers on the same dates, you cannot take both on the same day. You can take up to three SAT II tests on the same day, but no combination of the SAT I and the SAT II.
      Hope this information helps, also in order to fulfill your dream of studying abroad you will need expert guidance. We invite you for a free counseling session with one of our consultants. For more details visit or call 1800 1035 900

    • Adam says:

      Hi Priyum,

      No rush. Not sure how the school system works in India, but in the US students typically take the SAT for the first time during Junior year (class XI in your terminology?), typically at age 16.

      As you are still only 14, probably best to wait until the year before you intend on applying to American colleges to take the SAT, since the more schooling you have, the better you are likely to perform on the test.

      Hope this helps.

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