SAT score map for Top 20 US Universities

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Nancy Xiao at teachstreet sent me this cool map of SAT scores for universities listed in US News and World Report’s Top 20 ranking for 2010.

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Rankings lists always generate a lot of debate about what the ‘best’ schools really are, and this list, with its rather obvious northeastern bias, is sure to be no exception. And before anyone gets too excited, be aware that the map is based on US News & World Report’s university rankings and does not include liberal arts colleges (links to 2011 rankings).

Yet regardless of which particular universities you think deserve to be in the Top 20 list, Nancy’s teachstreet map provides a good illustration of the general level of SAT scores needed for admission to America’s elite colleges and universities.

Generally, top US schools require a minimum cumulative SAT score of around 2100 for a chance at admission, while the ‘rest of the best’ require a minimum score of around 2000 for consideration.

Thanks for the illustrating that Nancy!


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4 Responses to “SAT score map for Top 20 US Universities”
  1. judy says:

    is this map according to scholarships or just for admissions

  2. Mariya says:

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  3. David says:

    Those are just admissions and it looks like the 25-75% ranges. If you are looking at those schools take the bolded statement at the bottom seriously. Unless you are a state level athlete or have strong connections you will need far higher scores than the lower scores on that list.

  4. chales joe says:

    please i
    need a usa university that costless than 7,000$ really need to get list of such schools to make choices.Thank you.

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