What are SAT Percentiles?

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SAT Percentiles tell you the percentage of SAT test takers you performed better than. For example, if your score is in the 75th percentile, you performed better than approximately 75 percent of students who took the test.

Although percentiles for each SAT subject vary from test to test, scores generally break down into the following percentiles:

Notice that there is a 50 percentile jump between 500 and 700.

As you can see, improving your SAT score by even just a few points can have a big impact on your overall percentile rank.

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2 Responses to “What are SAT Percentiles?”
  1. wbpa06 says:

    My son took the SAT Subject Test Math level 2 in Hong Kong this spring with a score of 770. The report said he was 82% –is the percentile different than if he had taken the test in Pennsylvania? Thanks!

    • Adam says:

      Good question:

      Where a student takes an SAT test does not affect his or her percentile.

      The entire worldwide test pool is scored together, so whether a test is taken in Hong Kong, Pennsylvania, or any other test center anywhere in the world, students who receive the same scaled score receive the same percentile ranking.

      For a chart of scores and percentiles for the various SAT subject tests (including Math II), click here.

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