How is the SAT Organized?

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The SAT is organized into 10 individually tested sections:

  • 3 Writing
  • 3 Critical Reading
  • 3 Math
  • 1 Equating (does not count toward your score).

    1. The Essay always comes FIRST (SAT Section 1).
    2. Next, six 25-minute multiple choice sections in random order (SAT Sections 2-7): Two Critical Reading, two Math, one Writing, and (usually) the Equating section.
    3. Then two 20 minute sections (SAT Sections 8 & 9): Critical Reading and Math.
    4. Finally, a 10 minute Writing section is always LAST (SAT Section 10).

    The chart below shows you the total number of each question type for each SAT subject.

    From my SAT training guide: SAT Unlocked.


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    3 Responses to “How is the SAT Organized?”
    1. Alexis says:

      Ok im in my wrong grade stayed back in 2nd grade now going to the eighth grade but my counselor told me I couldn’t because I have to have credit to go to the ninth grade but will that effect me when I take my test because u kbw im scared

    2. Chris S says:

      FYI, you left out an asterisk after “8 Short Passage” in the Total Critical Reading box.

    3. Christian says:

      “Know thy enemy” is definitely a valuable motto when you’re doing your SAT prep! If you want a mediocre SAT score, sure, just go in to the test with no advance knowledge. If you want a perfect score on the SAT, you have to get REAL familiar with the rules and style of the test; try to get in to the minds of the test authors. I got a perfect 2400 on the SAT last month – check out my blog post here:

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