How are SAT Math Sections Organized?

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SAT Math consists of 54 total questions tested in three sections.

SAT Math includes 2 types of questions:

  • 44 Multiple Choice (MC): Typical SAT question with 5 answer choices.
  • 10 Grid-In (GI): Enter an actual value on your answer sheet, instead of simply filling in a multiple choice oval.

    SAT Math questions appear in order of difficulty from easiest at the beginning to hardest at the end. In the section with Grid-In questions, the Multiple Choice questions end with hard questions and then the Grid-Ins start over with easy questions.

    40px-face-winksvgTip: The harder the question, the less obvious the answer. Because questions at the beginning of the section are easier, the answer choices tend to be straightforward. However, as the section progresses, the test makers throw in trick answers to try to fool you. At the beginning of a section, the most obvious answer is usually the right one. Near the end of the section, the most obvious answer is often the wrong one.

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